Security Program as a Service (SPaaS)

  • Managed service model focused on the development and implementation of a comprehensive Information Security Program
  • Information Security management system from start to finish including Policy, Processes, and People on demand and for a monthly fee
  • Service allows you to focus more on your core business, minimizes headcount within an organization, provides an extensive set of resources at fixed fee

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Security Program Service Benefits:

Our team of experts have been building Security Programs for over 20 years as a solution for over 100 highly regulated organizations. 

  • Service Can Begin Immediately
  • Functioning Operational Security Program Within Months
  • Leverages a Best-Practice Security Program Development Framework
  • Streamlines Implementation Efficiency
  • Supports the Implementation of Security Program Remediation Quickly
  • Meet Customer, Regulatory or Competitive Demands
  • Optimized for High Growth Companies that Need to Scale Quickly
  • Expands Security Needs and Responsibilities in a Short Period of Time.
  • Annuitize the Cost of Implementing a Security Program
  • Cost is Paid Monthly Over 1-2-Year Service Contracts
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