Security Program as a Service (SPaaS)

CISOSHARE’s managed service model is focused on the development and implementation of comprehensive Information Security Programs. Within 9 months, we build a custom and comprehensive Information Security Program aligned to your organization’s business objectives. Within 1-3 years we can completely transform your Information Security Program’s posture, help mitigate costly risks, drive more business revenue, and add value in a very tangible way. Our services allow you to focus more on your core business while minimizing headcount and providing access to our executive level security leaders and resources to meet each organization’s individual objectives at a fixed fee.



Information Security Program Services Timeline

Initiation and Measurement

Service begins with a high-level review of the organization’s objectives. We measure gaps in security by reviewing the organization’s people, policies, processes, and technologies in this phase. Capturing the organization’s current objectives, existing network architecture, organizational structure, key information assets and technologies as well as current state Information Security Policies and Procedures allows for successful program roadmap planning.


With a clear understanding of existing security gaps, we can identify areas requiring immediate attention and help prioritize projects to improve an organization’s security posture within weeks. Findings from the Initiation and Measurement Phase are centralized and compared against Information Security industry best practice frameworks, such as ISO, NIST and/or others. A benchmark is then established through a suite of Information Security Policies and Standards as well as Program and Process documentation.


Implementation of new and revised policies aligned to the organization’s benchmark and industry best practice frameworks. In this phase security operations take shape, allowing for rapid remediation of security gaps and identification of planning for other, longer term goals. We virtually embed our team of Information Security experts with your organization and assist in solving security related issues and enhancing your overall security posture.


Having implemented the new/revised policies and processes allows for security operations to become more standardized and relieves the pressure associated with operating actively. Now, your organization understands its Information Security Policies and Procedures and your employees refer to them naturally. Projects previously identified and prioritized in the Foundation Phase now begin in order to further harden the Information Security Program and enhances its capabilities.


As the second year approaches our team of experts supports the organization by helping operationalize the Information Security Program. With a stronger security posture and foundational program in place set up in year one, the Information Security Program will now focus on planning for a future, desired state of operations and security posture for the organization. During this phase, an emphasis is placed on implementing more complex information security-related initiatives and ensuring employees are following all new processes and abiding by all new policies.

Security Program Service Benefits:

Our team of experts have been building Information Security Programs for over 20 years as a solution for over 100+ highly regulated organizations. 

    • Meets Customer, Regulatory and/or Competitive Demands
    • Leverages and Aligns with Information Security Industry Best Practices
    • Fully Functioning Information Security Program within Months
    • Optimized for High Growth Companies needing to Scale Quickly
    • Increases Trust with Current and Potential Vendors and Partners
    • Streamlines Security Operations and Provides Insight to Upper Management
    • Provides Tactical Remediation for Critical Pain-Points
    • Supports Upper Management Strategic Direction and Mandates
    • Satisfy Organizational Compliance Demands
    • 3-year Security Posture Trajectory with Monthly Subscription Fee
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